Hi there!

I'm Rachel, your friendly (and mildly dog obsessed) photographer...

Dogs are my love. So much so that I'm also a Co-trustee in a dog rescue, Pound Hounds Rescue! This means that I am uniquely qualified to work with those furry kids who might be a little more action packed and independent or scared and shy, that most (pound kids don't sit still very much...). 

The health and well being of every single dog I work with is absolutely top priority for me and with my dog rescue and behaviour experience, you can be assured that your furry kid is in good hands. No forcing them into poses or situations they're not comfortable with, no growling them for not getting it right. Only a calm, positive, relaxed and fun time to be had - for your pooch AND you. I'm a strong believer in all things positive reinforcement when it comes to the Canine Kids and I find that this leads to happy kids, which leads to happy hoomans which in turn leads to great images.

Many of the images I've captured over the years are of our rescue kids. I'm super passionate about rescue and I love that I am able to give my skills as a photographer to not just my own rescue, but other rescues who need help to show the beautiful souls in their care so these kids can find their forever hoomans.  This also means that I am uniquely qualified to work with those Canine kids that don't like to sit still for long! (You've gotta be quick when you photograph a Poundie!)

Miah, still searching for her forever hoomans through Pound Hounds Rescue

Miah, still searching for her forever hoomans through Pound Hounds Rescue

My very own "Poundie" is my girl Teyha...

A Beardie mix and the original Hairy Dog. She was my world and the reason my loves of photography and dogs became what it is today - Hairy Dog Photography. Images of her beautiful hairy face fill my home. Sadly I lost Teyha suddenly to cancer in November 2020, she was only 9 years old. My heart broke. My favourite photo of her takes pride of place on my lounge room wall so I still get to see her beautiful face every single day.

​My aim with any photo session...

Is to capture and show the amazing characters, hearts and souls of each and every one of the wonderful dogs I photograph and then to immortalise them with beautiful artwork you can treasure for years to come.

I believe it’s so important to capture our kids in print, with artwork, while we still have them with us, so that over the years we will be able to look at their beautiful face on our wall or in our albums and smile, knowing they were loved and that they loved us too. And I mean, really... Who wants to waste time having to rummage through drawers for a hard drive or disc you're sure you put somewhere...

Our canine family members are so precious and so are those memories, which mean so much more when they can be seen.

So lets go capture some memories of your Canine Companion, that you can keep for a lifetime...

Nicky, adopted April 2022
Nicky, adopted April 2022


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