Welcome to the Hairy Dog Photography Gallery...

Here's just a glimpse of some of the beautiful Hairy Kids I've had the pleasure of capturing. Enjoy!

(click on the image to see it in all it's glory)

On Location...

In Studio...

Embark Photography Challenge

This is a fun 6 month Photography Challenge I'm participating in. I'm competing with amazing photographers from around the world but mostly I'm competing with myself to really stretch myself and my skills (and hello... all the dogs I get to hang out with!) Follow along on instagram and facebook to keep up with the latest challenge results!

By the way... You can click on the photo to see it in all it's glory

Challenge: Soul Searcher (stay tuned!)

Challenge: City Slicker (stay tuned!)

Challenge: Front Runner (stay tuned!)

Challenge: Say What? (stay tuned!)

Challenge: Glow-Up (stay tuned!)

Challenge: Splash! (stay tuned!)

Challenge: Party Time (stay tuned)


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