In Studio Sessions

Ready for a fun and unforgettable experience for you and your Canine Companion, but not really keen on the great outdoors??

 Perhaps your pooch is getting on in years and can't walk as far as they used to?

Then it sounds like your Canine Companion would prefer to stay In Studio...

Every Hairy Dog Photography session is tailored to your Canine companion's needs and personality, our In Studio sessions are no different. Our studio setting is a relaxed and calm space. We take our time, helping your pooch to relax and feel safe around the equipment and flashy lights. 

We go at the pace of your pooch - no drama, no stress and nothing that would make them uncomfortable. Just a nice time for you and your pooch to spend together making memories. Bonus is, a relaxed pooch takes awesome photos.

A little more posed than an On Location session, our In Studio sessions are still spontaneous and fun - without the need for loads of walking.

There is no set time limit for these sessions, we end the session when your pooch has had enough. Generally between 1-1.5 hours of photo fun. 

In Studio Sessions are best suited to a maximum of two Canine Companions and two hoomans. They are a great option for the older or unwell pooches and also suit our baby canines well too (nice and safe if they're not fully vaccinated yet)

In Studio Sessions Include

  • Complementary in studio, email or phone consultation 
  • A custom, In Studio photo session specifically designed with your Canine kid in mind
  • A no stress, calm and relaxed session with all treats and water provided for your Canine
  • A maximum of two dogs and two hoomans may take part in the session 
  • No session time limit (we stop when either I'm satisfied or your pooch has had enough)
  • Private image reveal and ordering session at the HDP studio
  • Buy Now, Pay Later with Afterpay - Available for all artwork and package purchases.

Session Price -  $150

Choose one of our package option at your Private Image Reveal and your session price converts to a $150 print credit!

The session fee does not include any high resolution digital files or printed artwork, however you will receive the corresponding social media sized watermarked digital images with any package or framed artwork purchased at your private reveal session. 

Show of your Pooch With Premium Artwork

Here at Hairy Dog Photography, we believe that you should have the very best artwork to show off your Furry Friend. Not only does our range of wall art, albums and folio boxes look great, but they are all heirloom products, meaning only the very best inks and papers are used to create your artwork. Our albums and folio boxes are hand made from the finest materials to ensure your memories will last for generations.

You'll get to see our range of beautiful artwork and choose what fits your home when you come in to the Hairy Dog Studio, two weeks after your session for your Private Reveal Session. This is where you'll get to enjoy a sweet treat and a drink and see all the very best images from your session. We will go through all the images and artwork with you to help you choose the best artwork to show off your Canine Companion's photographs.

Packages start at $550

A la Carte Menu starts at $95

How It All Works

First - Book Your Session

Your first step is to contact us, we'll then be in touch to discuss how to fit your session around the needs and personality of your Pooch. We do offer a complementary consultation, either in studio, via email or by phone - whichever is easier for you - so we can go over how everything will work and how we can best tailor a session that works for everyone.

Next - Session Time!

Yay! Exciting! This is the fun part! Making sure your session is fun and stress free is super important to us. If you're relaxed, and we're relaxed then your pooch will be relaxed too - and a relaxed pooch takes WAAAAY better photos. It also helps to really capture your Canine Companion's character when they aren't feeling any stress. All you've gotta do is turn up and enjoy the process!

We'll tailor make your session with your pooch in mind - from background choices to props used to poses and even down to the treats we provide! We make sure this is a great time for your pooch while working hard to provide the best images for you.

Worried your Canine Companion wont behave themselves? Never fear! We regularly work with rescue dogs and have learnt some tricks to capture even the most character filled pooch! (and the naughty ones are always make it waaaay more fun haha)

After That - Your Private Image Reveal And Ordering Session

We'll book a date (usually 2 weeks after your session) for you to come in to the Hairy Dog Studio for your image reveal where you'll get to see the very best images from your session (and enjoy a sneaky sweet treat). This is where we'll help you choose the artwork or packages that suit you best.

And Then - Your Artwork Has Arrived!

Is what we'll tell you. Within 4 weeks of your private reveal session, you'll get to see it all in person for the first time. We LOVE this part! It's always so fun to show you all your amazing goodies. Why does it take so long for your goodies to arrive? We source our artwork and prints from only the TOP professional print labs both here in NZ and overseas, to ensure you receive the VERY best heirloom quality items that will last a lifetime (and longer!). No more unedited images on a usb stick stuck in a drawer somewhere for you! Only the best will do.


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