Rescue is my other passion...

And one of the great things about being a photographer is that it means I can use my skills to show off the amazing kids that end up in Rescue care.

I've worked with many different rescues over the years, helping out with anything from cleaning cages, walking dogs, fostering cats and puppies through to photographing the kids to help them find their forever homes quicker (a great photo can really help speed up the adoption process). 

Two years ago, I got together with a great friend and long time Animal Control officer when we saw a need for a rescue exclusively for pound dogs. So we started our own rescue, Pound Hounds Rescue Charitable Trust. As difficult and heart breaking as that can be at times, it is so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling when those kids head off with their forever people.

What does this mean for you?

If you're an Ethical Rescue

And need a photographer, let me know! As time allows, I donate my services free of charge for any Ethical Rescue needing my help.

What's an Ethical Rescue you might ask? These are rescues that do all the right things for the animals in their care - desex, vaccinate, microchip, register with Council, vet check AND look out for your fur kid forever, which means a trial period, and the ability to get help if you need it or return your fur friend should you need to. These rescues are all about the animals, and what's best for them, no matter what. This, sadly, is not every rescue.

If you have adopted a Rescue kid and book a session

Book in for either a Going Solo Session or Just A Few Of Us Session and $25 from your session fee will be donated to a rescue of your choice, from our list of Ethical Rescues, in your pooch's name AND I'll give you a $50 print credit which you can use at your artwork ordering session.

Book in for a Silver Muzzle Session and $25 from any artwork purchased will be donated to a rescue of your choice, from our list of Ethical Rescues, in your pooch's name.

(proof of adoption will be required)

Here are just a few of the Ethical Rescues I've had the pleasure of working with over the years...


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