Operation Starship

Family is the most important thing in the world - Princess Diana

Did you know Starship Childrens Hospital has the ONLY Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in New Zealand?

I didn't, until my two year old niece Zara ended up there while receiving treatment for a brain tumor.

I'm searching for 15 children and their families that are currently undergoing treatment at Starship Hospital and 15 dogs who are currently battling terminal illnesses and their hoomans who would love to capture their love and the bond they share together in a beautiful portrait session as a part of my "Operation Starship" Project

I recently suddenly lost the love of my life, my best friend in the whole world, my hairy little dog, Teyha. She meant EVERYTHING to me and after she passed, I realised, with all the photos I had taken of her in her 9 years, there is only ONE single image of the two of us together. The very next month after losing my girl, my 2 year old niece Zara was diagnosed with a Meduloblastoma, a brain tumor. She has been fighting ever since in a horrific battle that has deprived her of a normal childhood and given her the biggest fight of her life. Recently, after her 5th round of chemotherapy, she became so ill that she was admitted to Starship Hospitals PICU - only the 20 sickest children in NZ are admitted here and sadly, there are just NOT enough bed for all the kids that need PICU. Thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses in this unit, Zara was well taken care of and is now back in wards but she still has one heck of a fight on her hands. 

If I had to say two things that I have learnt over this time, it is love those you have fiercely, because you don't know when they will be gone and take, and BE in LOADS of photos with those you love, because one day you'll be glad you did.

I want this for everyone. The opportunity to have that precious image you can treasure forever. 

So now myself and some friends of mine are on a mission to give those those families who have a child in Starship or who's dog may have a terminal illness the opportunity to have those beautiful images you can treasure for the rest of your days AND to do our part to help Starship Hospital get those extra 10 PICU beds they so desperately need.

The Operation Starship Experience Includes...

A pre-session phone, email or in studio consultation

We'll discuss all the details involved with your session, including what to wear, hair and makeup, what to bring, how to prepare yourself and your pooch for the photo session and everything you'll need to know about your special day.

Professional Hair And Makeup

On the morning of the photo session, you'll be introduced to my professional hair and makeup artist extraordinaire. We'll consult with you on how you wish to wear your hair and makeup. Prepare to be pampered!


A full service session for one child (currently receiving treatment at Starship Hospital) and up to 2 caregivers

A full service session for one terminally ill dog and up to 2 caregivers

Session times will vary

You're in good hands! I'll be directing you every step of the way, so you won't need to worry about anything. My job is to help everyone feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. I'll even show you the back of my camera a few times so you know how beautifully your images are turning out. My goal is to make this an awesome experience for all involved so you can have a memory you'll treasure for always.

One (1) 11x14 print of your choice from your session, beautifully matted and ready to frame

You'll be invited back for your Private Reveal session within 2-3 weeks of your photo session. First, we'll watch a video with all of your photos and behind the scenes footage. During the Private Reveal, you’ll see all your beautiful portraits, choose your complementary print and have the opportunity to purchase more if you wish. What you purchase is entirely up to you - no pressure at all to buy anything.

Note: If you wish to purchase more images from your photo session, special package pricing will be available and family and friends are able to purchase gift vouchers towards your package price if they wish. All vouchers purchased for this project will be split evenly amongst project participants and any additional funds raised from these vouchers over and above what is used by participants to purchase their images will be donated to Starship Hospital for their PICU fund.

Inclusion in my Operation Starship Gallery Exhibition

At the end of this project, I’ll select my favourite image from your session, along with your story, to be included in my Operation Starship gallery exhibition. We’ll celebrate all of the people and pooches participating in this project with a champagne party and exhibit at the Mindfulness 4 Dogs Training and Wellness Centre in Cambridge. You’re welcome to invite all your friends to come and help applaud every person who has had the courage to step outside their comfort zone and share their story. 

Total value of this eperience? Over $680.00

What Is The Gallery Showing?

At the gallery showing, we will be displaying one large printed image from each session for you to see. That's 30 beautiful printed images on display.

Each image will be up for auction on the night - but this is an auction with a twist!

Each image purchased at auction will be donated back to the family of the person or dog in the image for them to keep and treasure.

Each person who wins an auction will receive a smaller 8x10 matted print of the image they have purchased as a keepsake to remind them of the amazing gift they have given the family.

100% of the profits from the auctioned printed image will be donated to Starship Hospital for their new PICU beds

Want To Help But Not Sure How?

Each and every family that takes part in this project will have the opportunity to choose their favourite image from the session to keep forever, they will also receive their large wall print from the auction, however there will be more images from these sessions that they may love as well. We want them to be able to have all the images if they wish... SO!

I will be offering them some very special print package options for any additional images they wish to have at a HEAVILY discounted price. And this is where you can help. 

If you would like to donate towards the cost of a package for these families, simply click HERE to purchase a voucher for them to use at their viewing session. All vouchers donated will be split evenly between each participant and any funds raised over and above what is needed for them to purchase the package they would like, will be added to the donations for Starship Hospital for the new PICU beds.

How Can I Apply To Be A Part Of The Project?


There are only 14 spots available for children at Starship and 15 spots available for terminally ill dogs in this project and applications will be reviewed. If selected, I’ll be in touch to coordinate your consultation and photo session.

Agree to the following:

Before and After photo which may be used on social media, print media, website and any other marketing materials

Interview questions to be answered before and after your photo session. This may include video testimonial

Attendance at the gallery exhibition to be held at the completion of this project (of course this doesn't apply if your child is currently receiving treatments in Starship)

Want to be involved in the project?

Complete the form below and I'll be in touch to let you know if you've been selected

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Special thanks to the following businesses for supporting this project:

Darran and Papia at Mindfulness 4 Dogs

Emily from Emily Ann Makeup Artist

Glass Art NZ


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