A celebration of the bond between dogs and the hoomans they love

Do You Love Your Dog More Than Words Can Say?

Then this is your time to let that love shine!

I'm searching for 20 dog and their hoomans who would love to capture their love and the bond they share together in a beautiful portrait session as a part of my "More Than Words" Project

I recently suddenly lost the love of my life, my best friend in the whole world, my hairy little dog, Teyha. She meant EVERYTHING to me and after she passed, I realised, with all the photos I had taken of her in her 9 years, there is only ONE single image of the two of us together. Like many people, I've always shied away from having my photo taken because I didn't like how I looked, and now because of my own insecurities (which, by the way, Tey never saw, she loved me as I am) a cell phone photo, snapped in a moment of bravery is my most valuable possession. I was too scared of how I looked to get a real portrait done and that is now one of my biggest regrets. Oh how I wish I could have gotten over myself enough to make one beautiful image with my girl. 

I want this for you. The opportunity to have that precious image you can treasure forever. 

So now I'm on a mission to give those of you who adore your dogs More Than Words the opportunity to not only see how amazing you are (even if you don't quite believe that for yourself yet or feel it in your soul) but to also have those beautiful images of you and the furry love of your life you can treasure for the rest of your days.

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” – Gilda Radner

You Will Be Featured In a "More Than Words Project" Book And Gallery Exhibition. A Celebration Of Dogs And Their Hoomans

Gallery Exhibition location to be confirmed

Why Should I Do This?

  • Do something to empower yourself
  • To honour what makes your relationship with your dog unique
  • To capture the love you have for your dog in a beautiful printed image you'll have forever
  • To share your story about what your dog means to you
  • To put your fears of how you see yourself aside and embrace who you are, without judgement, for the wonderful hooman you are - exactly how your dog sees you
  • To help others realise just how important it is to step out into the light and be in photos with those they love - hooman or animal
  • To make an awesome memory with the pooch you love More Than Words

The Ultimate Experience! What Does It Cost?

I'm offering the more Than Words Project promotional package for just $300 (valued at $500)

The More Than Words Experience Includes...

A pre-session phone, email or in studio consultation

We'll discuss all the details involved with a session, including what to wear, hair and makeup, what to bring, how to prepare yourself and your pooch for the photo session and everything you'll need to know about your special day.

Professional Hair And Makeup

On the morning of the photo session, you'll be introduced to my professional hair and makeup artist extraordinaire. We'll consult with you on how you wish to wear your hair and makeup. Prepare to be pampered!

Full service session for up to 2 people and 3 dogs from the same household

Session times will vary

You're in good hands! I'll be directing you every step of the way, so you won't need to worry about anything. My job is to help you and your pooch feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. I'll even show you the back of my camera a few times so you know how beautifully your images are turning out. The bond you share with your dog is amazing and no detail is too small to make this an awesome day for you both.

One (1) 8x10 lustre print of your choice, beautifully matted and ready to frame

You'll be invited back for your Private Reveal session within 2-3 weeks of your photo session. First, we'll watch a video with all of your photos and behind the scenes footage. During the Private Reveal, you’ll see all your beautiful portraits, choose your complementary print and have the opportunity to purchase more if you wish. What you purchase is entirely up to you - no pressure at all - and I’ll show you all the beautiful wall art and other products available that day too.

Note: If you wish to purchase more images from your photo session, special package pricing will be available and I’ll credit your entire $300 session payment towards the package of your choice. Please enquire about my product menu if you’re interested in purchasing additional images.

Inclusion in my More Than Words Project book and Gallery Exhibition

At the end of this project, I’ll select my favourite image of you and your canine companion, along with your story, to be included in my More Than Words Project book and gallery exhibition. We’ll celebrate all of the people and pooches participating in this project with a champagne party and exhibit at a location to be confirmed in Cambridge. You’re welcome to invite all your friends to come and help applaud every person who has had the courage to step outside their comfort zone. 

How Can I Apply?


There are only 20 spots available for this project and applications will be reviewed. If selected, I’ll be in touch to coordinate your consultation and photo session. For those not selected for the first round, you’ll have the opportunity to apply again in future rounds.

Agree to the following:

Before and After photo which may be used on social media, print media, website and any other marketing materials

Interview questions to be answered before and after your photo session. This may include video testimonial

Attendance at the gallery exhibition to be held at the completion of this project

Apply Now!

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